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The violence must finally be stopped – solidarity with the Palestinian people

On this year’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the spokeswoman on human rights for the Left Party parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Annette Groth, has made the following statement:



The violence must finally be stopped – solidarity with the Palestinian people

Annette Groth: “Our solidarity with the Palestinian people living under daily occupation is needed more than ever at the moment! The bloody confrontations since the beginning of October represent a revolt against the Israeli occupation policy of expulsion, destruction of houses, continued and extensive settlement building, expropriation, oppression, violence and the racist policy towards Palestinian civil society. The occupation sees the human rights of the Palestinians trampled underfoot on a daily basis.

Repressive measures against Palestinians, such as the authorisation of extrajudicial killings, additional security forces on public transport and at the checkpoints, road blocks even in the centre of Jerusalem and the lockdown of whole city districts, a drone circling over Jerusalem and the administrative arrests of human rights campaigners – all of these further fuel the tension. Freedom of movement, already limited through occupation, is further restricted by checkpoints and road blocks, and the people’s lack of opportunities is increased by their collective punishment.
In this escalating situation, there are violent clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army almost daily in Bethlehem, and the discriminatory policy and destruction of houses appear to have reached a new peak in East Jerusalem in particular. Hebron in the West Bank was closed off by Israeli security forces – not to mention the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which violates international law. Once again, the victims of the volatile situation are civilians. According to information from the OCHA, 93 Palestinians and 15 Jewish Israelis have been killed. On the Palestinian side, 9171 have been injured, with over 100 on the Israeli side.”

She continued: “With the introduction of compulsory labelling of products originating from the illegal Israeli settlements, the EU recently took a first step on behalf of the international community towards no longer turning a blind eye and at best accepting the illegal occupation.
A further step would be the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, under Article 2 of which parties are required to respect human rights and democratic principles. The agreement must be suspended until Israel stops riding roughshod over human rights. As a matter of consistency, the EU should also stop support of Israeli arms manufacturers under the Horizon 2020 research programme. The arms companies that profit from the programme, such as Elbit and Aerospace, are among the industry leaders in drone production, for example. I have also been calling on the federal government for a long time for a ban on arms exports to the entire region.
Supplying arms do not lead to the situation improving – on the contrary, the conflict can only be resolved through compliance with international law. In contrast, with massive settlement construction, house destruction, land grabbing and acceptance of brutal settler violence against Palestinian civil society, the Israeli government is creating circumstances which prevent a fair solution to the Middle Eastern conflict and the creation of a viable Palestinian state.“