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The refugees must finally be allowed to continue their journey – the German Federal Government must allow the refugees to stay in Germany

In view of the dramatic situation in Budapest, the spokeswoman on human rights for the Left Party parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Annette Groth, has made the following statement:

For days now, several thousands of refugees have been waiting in front of the railway station in Budapest, hoping to get on trains to the EU states of their choice. In view of the dramatic situation in front of the Eastern railway station in Budapest, Annette Groth visited the scene, to gain a first-hand impression of the refugees’ situation.

Annette Groth made the following statement: “The way the Hungarian government is dealing with the refugees is a disgrace. Yet the behaviour of the Federal Government is equally unacceptable. It shares the responsibility for this situation. Due to the intervention of the German government, the Hungarian government is no longer allowing the refugees to board the trains.”

I call on the Hungarian government to immediately cease its inhumane manoeuvring regarding the refugees. It is scandalous to lure desperate people onto trains with the promise that they will be allowed to finally continue their journey and then pull them off the trains again 40 km along the tracks. The Hungarian authorities want to put the refugees in prison-style camps, to make sure that they are no longer in the spotlight of the international media.

And the main effect of building a fence along Hungary’s external border is to help the people smugglers trade even more on the desperation of the refugees. These people smugglers must be deprived of such opportunities to make a profit by ensuring that people have legal and safe ways to leave their countries. This would also allow repeated tragedies and inhuman situations like those at the station in Budapest to be prevented.

Annette Groth continued : “I call on the German Federal Government and the European Union to finally create legal ways of entry. The policies of the EU, and particularly the German government, are partly responsible for the refugee crisis. The governments of the EU should follow the example of the many courageous helpers working every day to help refugees and create a welcoming culture for these people, who are often traumatised.“


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