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منح الفلسطينيين والفلسطينيات المضربين عن الطعام حقوقهم أخيرا! / Acknowledge the rights of Palestinians on hunger strike at last!

My recent press release is now available in English and Arabic. You'll find the English version below, the arabic version attached!

“For decades, Israeli authorities, security services and governments have denied thousands of political prisoners in Israeli jails the most elementary rights granted to them under international law. Even children are prevented from having contact with their parents and lawyers, they are placed in solitary confinement and, according to a study by UNICEF, even the torture of children is ‘widespread, systematic and institutionalised’”, said Annette Groth, spokeswoman on human rights of The Left Party parliamentary group, on the occasion of the Palestinian Political Prisoners’ Day and the start of an unlimited hunger strike by far over 1000 Palestinian prisoners. Annette Groth continued:

“I emphatically express my solidarity with those protesting, who are committed to adequate and humane detention conditions in Israeli prisons. The abuse and torture committed in these places must come to an immediate end, the Israeli authorities and the Israeli government must ensure proper medical treatment and nutrition for the prisoners, along with access to education, family visits and the unconditional cessation of solitary confinement, which should really go without saying.”

In conclusion, Annette Groth said:

“The way in which Israel uses administrative detention – namely often randomly and as a collective punishment – is in breach of international law. In addition, the transfer of prisoners to Israeli territory is in clear contravention of the Geneva Convention. Particularly troubling is that an increasing number of children are being detained, in May 2016 the Israeli prison authorities even went as far as to stop the publication of the number of detained children!

I call upon the Federal Government to insist that their Israeli partners put an end to the often random arresting of Palestinians and to introduce humane treatment in prisons. In particular, adherence to the Convention on the Rights of the Child must have the highest priority here!”